Current Writing Projects

LORE: The King’s Flash of Light

Jamie, age twelve, wished her little sister Beth would disappear—until it happened. 

Genre:  Adventure Fantasy 

Audience:  Middle Grade

Status: Seeking Agent/Publisher

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Untitled Sci-Fi Survivalist Adventure

Disaster strikes as a ship of inter-stellar colonists voyage to their new home. Tristan Halley and a handful of her classmates become shipwrecked light years from Earth.  With no hope of rescue, they must learn to survive in their new world— and their greatest challenge may be surviving each other.

Genre:  Sci-Fi Adventure

Audience:  Middle Grade

Status: Editing

Capri’s Big Climb

Capri’s dream was to reach her favorite star. But everyone said it was impossible. Can Capri’s determination help her achieve her dreams?

Type:  Picture Book

Status:  Editing and Concept Art

Little Quail’s Big Adventure

Little quail loves to explore. But there are dangers in the forest and he must learn how to protect himself.

Type:  Picture Book (no text)

Status:  Concept Art

Jazz Cat

Jazz Cat and his friends start a swingin’ party on a backyard fence.

Type:  Picture Book

Status:  Editing and Concept Art

LORE: Book 2

The further adventures of Jamie and Ian in Lore.

Genre:  Fantasy Adventure

Audience:  Middle Grade

Status: Editing

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