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First Families by Tomy (1987-89)

  Babblebrook Gray Rabbit Family*

Timbertop Brown Bear Family*

Evergreen Gray Bear Family*

  Wildwood Brown Rabbit Family*

Thistlethorn Gray Mouse Family*

McBurrows Mole Family*

  Oakwood Squirrel Family

Waters Beaver Family*

Waters Beaver Family (Later)

  Treefellow Owl Family

Slydale Fox Family*

Slydale Fox Family (Gold Tails)*

  Corntop Spotted Rabbit Family*

Underwood Badger Family

Catwood Brown Cat Family

  Forrestor Dog Family

Sweetwater Bear Wedding Set*

Windward Rabbit Wedding Set*

  Brighteyes Rabbit Wedding Set

Lucy Student Bear


Mid-Years by Tomy (1990-1999)

  Waters Beaver Family

Treefellow Owl Family

Corntop Spotted Rabbit Family

  Honeybear Ivory Bear Family

Underwood Badger Family

Catwood Brown Cat Family

  Forrestor Dog Family

Snow-Warren White Rabbit Family

Snow-Warren Family (Later)

  Puddleford Duck Family*

Bullrush Frog Family*

Solitaire Gray Cat Family

  Bamboo Panda Family

Brambles Hedgehog Family

Marmalade Bear Family

  Truffles Boar Family

Van Dyke Otter Family

Billibong Koala Family

  Furbanks Squirrel Family*

Nettlefield Goat Family

Moss Deer Family

  Mulberry Raccoon Family*

Dappledown Rabbit Family

Norwood Mouse Family*

  Waddlington Duck Family

Beagle Dog Family*

Timbertop Brown Bear Family

  Timbertop Brown Bear Family #2

Babblebrook Gray Rabbit Family

Wildwood Brown Rabbit Family

Individual Figures and Sets

  May Blossom Florist Bear

Nurse Emily Nightengale Rabbit

Santa Bear*

  Honeypot Bear Wedding Set*

Doctor Murdock Gold Bear

Webster Milkman Duck

  Sam Stamp the Postman Mouse

Constable Bobby Roberts Badger

Captian Horatio Seadog*

  Motley Crew*

Puddles Puppy & Kara Kangaroo

Suzette and Basil Waitress and Chef

  Nanny Timbertop and Timothy

Grandma's Coffee Break Figure

Woodland Casche Babies*

  Dandelion Rabbit Twin Set*

Meadows Brown Mouse Family*

Renard Fox Family*

  Butterglove Ivory Rabbit Family

Solitaire Gray Cat Wedding Set

Brighteyes Rabbit Wedding Set

  Hedges Bear Wedding Set


  Willow the Cream Pony

Bramble the Gray Pony

Nutmeg the Dark Brown Pony

  Ivy the Brown Pony

Holly the Red Pony

Strawberry the Colt

15th Anniversary 'Early Years' Families

  Early Years Babblebrook Family

Early Years Timbertop Family

Early Years McBurrows Family

Book and Figure Sets

  Winky Treefellow Buids a Kite

Bud Timbertop's Sports Day

Cliff Babblebrook's Raft Race

Club Memeber and Limited Edition Figures

  Belinda & Peter Brighteyes Rabbits

Chestnut Raccoon Family (Early)

Chestnut Raccoon Family (Later)

  Bouquet Skunk Family

Peter & Peppa Bridesmaid/Pageboy

Chi-Chi Bamboo Panda Baby

  Catwood Christmas Twin Set

Ivory Dog Christmas Twin Set

Professor Merryweather Cat

  Nurse Florance Merryweather Cat

Cream Cat Wedding Set

Bush Raccoon Wedding Set

  Badger Wedding Set

Timbertop Grandmother Dome

Wildwood Rabbit Teacher

Sylvanian Families by Flair (1999-current)

  Petite Little Bear Family*

Underwood Badger Family

Furbanks Squirrel Family*

  Nettlefields Goat Family

Cottontail Rabbit Family*

Brambles Hedgehog Family

  Beagle Dog Family*

Renard Fox Family

Bullrush Frog Family*

  Waters Beaver Family

Thistlethorn Mouse Family

Van Dyke Otter Family

  Macavity Cat Family

McBurrows Mole Family

Billibong Koala Family

  Kennelworth Dog Family*

Mace Mouse Family*

Corntop Spotted Rabbit Family

  Snow-Warren White Rabbit Family

Mulberry Raccoon Family*

Plume Owl Family

  Bouquet Skunk Family

Whiskers Calico Cat Family*

Periwinkle Milk Rabbit Family

  Porridge Bear Family

Furbanks Squirrel Family*

Puddleford Duck Family

  Hawthorn White Mouse Family

Huckleberry Dog Family

Evergreen Gray Bear Family

  Wildwood Rabbit Family

Treefellow Owls

Dale Sheep Family*

  Slydale Fox Family*

Keats Cream Cat Family

Chocolate Rabbit Family*


DeBurg Penguin Family

McWalkies Westie Terrier Family

Bamboo Panda Family*

  Hazelnut Dormouse Family

Persis Persian Cat Family

Pettyfur Guiena Pig Family

  Henry-Lloyd Dalmatian Family    

Celebration Families

  Babblebrook Gray Rabbit Family

Timibertop Brown Bear Family

Wildwood Brown Rabbit Family

Life in Sylvania Series and other Sets

  Carrying Cases Series (Early 2000s)

May Blossom Florist Bear

Nurse Emily Nightengale Rabbit

  Endevor Norwood Mouse

Mother and Baby Norwood Mouse

Kindergarten Students Set

  Mother and Baby Furbank Squirrel

Antonia Beagle

Charlotte Merryweather

  Madeline Merryweather

Bearbury Gray Bear Family Sets

Sparkle Rabbit Family Sets

  Chantilly Cream Cat Family Sets

Patches Ivory Dog Mother & Baby

Woodland Babies Set

  Nursery Teacher and Students

Mrs. Hazelwood & Bearbury Boy

Exchange Students Sets

  Snowbunny Bridesmaid Set

Marmalade Bear Santa

Bearbury Birthday Party Set*

  Patches Ivory Dog Swim Set*

Ivory Rabbit Family Sets

Buttermilk Rabbit Wedding Set

  2008 Carry Case Babies

Appleblossom Gray Squirrel Sets

Clearwater Vole Sets

  Grand Hotel Cat Sets

Grand Hotel Dog Sets

Fisher Cat Grandparents*

  Dr. Murdock & Nurse Emily


Ponies & Helpers

  Bramble the Brown Pony

Holly the Dark Brown Pony

Ivy the Gray Pony

  Willow the Pony and Antonia Beagle

Stable Boy Beagle

Strawberry and Beauty the Foals

  Beechy the Gray Pony

Nutmeg the Brown Pony

Blacksocks the Pony

Club Memeber and Limited Edition Figures

  Cottontail Rabbits Grandparents

School Field Trip set

Underwood Badger Grandparents

  Moss Deer Grandparents

Macavity Cat Grandparents

Plaid School Feild Trip Set

*Denotes families that are identical to the US version. The same picture is used for the family in both the US and UK sections; any differences between US and UK figures or figures exlusive to one country are noted below the picture.

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