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Sylvanian Families are sold all over the world. Most of the figures released in other countries were also released in the UK or Japan, and therefore are considered part of the UK or JP collections. This page is exclusively for figures that were only sold in countries outside of the US, UK, and Japan.

Note: All figures pictured in the Figure Gallery are from my personal collection and are NOT for sale. If you see a Sylvanian Families or Calico Critters figure that you want, please check the Figure Adoption Shoppe or e-mail me to see if I have one available for sale. Thank you!
Hong Kong/Singapore

Father Mulberry Cook

Mother Mulberry

Dr. Beagle and Patient Set

Renard Fox Sister

Shop Front Figures

Emma Furbanks Beauty Set

Petite Bear Playtime with Mother

Butterglove Ivory Rabbit Brother

VanDyke Otter Sister

Puzzle Sisters      


Buttermilk Rabbit Twin Set

1990s Babblebrook Rabbits  

European Mainland

Porridge Bear Sitting Twin Baby

Bearbury Family

Carry Case Babies

Bearbury Grandparents Whiskers Grandparents Periwinkle Grandparents  

Carry Case Figures

Bearbury Brother Variation

Billabong Brother and Sister

Forrestor Dog Sister Variation Underwood Badger Sister Variation    


Light Norwood Family

Babblebrook Jointed Babies

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