Japanese Sylvanian Collection

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Millenium Version Japanese Families (2000-Current)

  Mulberry Raccoon Family

Furbanks Squirrel Family

Butterglove Ivory Rabbit Family

  Whiskers Spotted Cat Family

Beagle Dog Family

Petite Bear Family

  Cottontail Rabbit Family

Macavity Cat Family-Light

Macavity Cat Family-Dark

  Norwood/Mace Mouse Family

Kitsune Fox Family

Milk Rabbit Family

  Maron New Dog Family

Buttermilk Rabbit Family 2004

Walnut Squirrel Family

  Piggywink Pig Family

Hawthorne Hamster Family

Sheep Family

  Cream Cat Family

Chocolate Rabbit Family

Chiffon Dog Family


Silk Cat Family


Re-release Urban Life Families

  Gray Cat Family

Ochre Dog Family


20th Anniversary Families

  Evergreen Bear Family

Wildwood Rabbit Family

Whiskers Cat Family

Dream Project/ Sylvanian Market Versions (some are open handed figures in the US/UK style, sold only in Japan)

  Forrestor Dog Family

White Owl Family

White Cat Family

  Duck Family

Hamster Family

Ermine Family

  Brown Mole Family

Pig Family

Charcoal Cat Family

Theme Park/ Special Location Families

  Wildflower Rabbit Family

Seabreeze Rabbit Family

Garden Rabbit Family

  Lavender Rabbit Family


Sets and Individual Figures

  Cotton Rabbit Angel

Cotton Rabbit Wedding Set

Woodland Princess

  Cotton Rabbit Waitress

Cotton Rabbit Waitress, Yellow

Cake Shop Waitress

  Millenium Cat Set

Ivory Rabbit Wedding Set

Gameboy Special Cat

  Santa Babies Carry Cases

Christmas Friends

Maron Dog School Girl

  New Baby Empress Rabbit

First Birthday Empress Rabbit

Milk Rabbit 2006 Calendar Baby

  Bottle Baby Carry Cases

Special Gift Sister Squirrel

Promotional Milk Rabbit Sisters

  Baby Calendar Carry Case Series

Milk Rabbit Nurse

Misty Forest Ocean Cherubs Case

  Petite Bear Santa

Special Mother Macavity Cat

Snowbunny Bride

  Pastor and Choir Girl Set

Cat and Dog Music Set

Milk Rabbit Mother & Twins Set

  Shop Owners & Professional Series

2007 Carry Case Figures

Furniture Set Figures

  Kindergarten Set

Promotional Walnut Sister


Exchange Students Series

  Koala Exchange Students

Panda Exchange Students

Polar Bear Exchange Students

  Monkey Exchange Students


Theme Park Figures

  Season Wildflower Rabbit Sisters

2009 Wildflower Sister

Special Garden Rabbit Sister

  Ginger Cat Sister


Giant Sylvania

  Cotton Rabbits

Americana Cotton Rabbits

Milk Rabbit Sister

  Wildflower Sister


Costume Figure Sets

  Forest Fairies Set

Bride and Groom Set

Prince and Princess Set

  Traditional Japanese Set

Frog and Bunny Set

Kimono Set

  Santa and Helper Set

Fairies Set

Jester and Holloween Set

  Lion and Chick Set

Giraffe and Panda Set

Traditional Costumes Set

  Chinese and Native American Set

Hawaiian and Mexican Set

Dutch and Scottish Set

  Arabian and Spainish Set

Fox Santa and Helper Set

Traditional Costume Set

  New Years 2003 Costume Set

Traditional Home Set

Carnival Set

  Musical Dog/Rabbit Set & Fairy Set

Cotton Rabbit Dress-Up Wedding

Macavity Witch Sister

  Cream Cat Baker

Milk Rabbit Prince & Princess Set

Chocolate Rabbit Students Set

  2007 Halloween Set

Pink Rabbit New Year 2007 Baby

Chocolate Rabbit Beach Sister

  School Friends Set


Baby Dress-Up Figures

  Flower Ornament Babies

Christmas Babies 2002

Kindergarten Set

  Beach Babies Set

Holloween Babies Set

Soap Babies

  Milk Rabbit Baby Wedding Set

Sheep Kindergarten Set

Baby Costume Sets

  More Baby Costume Sets

Chiffon Dog Baby Wedding Set


Limited Edition, Special Promotion, and Club Member Figures

  Pink Cotton Babies

Pink Cat Twins

Pink Cotton Rabbit Mother/Sister

  Pink Cat Sister

Grape Cats

Prize Pink Cotton Rabbit

  Pink Mice Twins

Pink Kitsume Fox Twins

Snowbunny Convention Rabbit

  Special Snowbunny Sister

Special Milk Rabbit Sister

Pink Maron Dog Twins

  Pink Cotton Rabbit Family

Pink Ivory Rabbit Sister

2003 Figure of the Year

  Pink Cat (2003 House Promotion)

2004 Ivy Campaign Cat and Dog

Pink Squirrel Twins

  Older Sister Milk Rabbit

Pink Ivory Rabbit Student

2004 Promotion Cotton Twins

  Calbee Dark Gray Bear Family

Ice Cream Rabbit Family

Blue Snowbunny Bride

  Store Display Wedding Set

Pink Sheep Twin Set

Pink Fox Santa Baby

  Cream Cat Older Sister

Pink Cream Cat Baby

Market Birthday Figures

  Epoch 50th Anniversary Set

Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister

Chiffon Dog Older Sister

  Strawberry Rabbit Family


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