Japanese Sylvanian Collection

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The First Families (1985-1989)

  Babblebrook Gray Rabbit Family

Timbertop Brown Bear Family

Wildwood Brown Rabbit Family

  Evergreen Bear Family (Early)

Evergreen Bear Family (Regular)

Thistlethorn Mouse Family (Early)

  Thistlethorn Family (Regular)

Chestnut Raccoon Family

Slydale Fox Family (Early)

  Slydale Fox Family

Waters Beaver Family

Butterglove Ivory Rabbit Family

  Oakwood Squirrel Family (Early)

Oakwood Squirrel Family (Regular)

Tanuki Family

  Treefellow Owl Family

McBurrows Mole Family

Bouquet Skunk Family

  Teardrop Bear Family (Early)

Early Sets and Individual Figures

  Big Bear Teacher

Student Lucy Bear

Santa Bears (Honey and Gray)

  Florist Squirrel

Cream Rabbit Cake Baker

White Rabbit Nurse

  Slydale Fox Preist

Ivory Rabbit Wedding Set

Slydale Fox Wedding Set

  Gray Rabbit Wedding Set

Windward Rabbit Wedding Set

Sweetwater Gray Bear Bride

  Cinnamon Bears

Birthday Girl Timbertop Bear

Musical Timbertop Bear

  Musical Evergreen Bear

Musical Wildwood Rabbit

Happy Birthday Ivory Rabbit

  Santa Babies Trio

Baby Calendar

Eight Babies Set

Fancy Clothes Series

  Wildwood Brown Rabbits

Timbertop Brown Bears

Evergreen Gray Bears

  Babblebrook Gray Rabbits

Butterglove Ivory Rabbits


Sylvanian Scenes Series

  Broke the Clock

Sleepy Time Bear


Giant Sylvania

  Giant Timbertop Father

Giant Santa Rabbit


Urban Life Series (1988-1996)

  Maroon Dog Family

Brown Dog Family

Ivory Dog Family

  Cream Cat Family

Gray Cat Family

Ivory Cat Family

  Duck Family

Goat Family

Ochre Dog Family

  Cat Student Girl and Boy

Maroon and Ivory Christmas Babies

Later Japanese Families (1990-1999)

  Babblebrook Gray Rabbit Family

Butterglove Ivory Rabbit Family

Teardrop Dark Bear Family

  Mulberry Raccoon Family

Furbanks Squirrel Family

Norwood Mouse Family

  Whiskers Spotted Cat Family

Beagle Dog Family

Petite Bear Family

Promotional Families

  Melon Mulberry Raccoon Family


Later Sets and Individual Figures

  Ice Cream Shop Whiskers Cat

Seamstress Ivory Rabbit

Chef and Waitress Cotton Rabbits

  Monday-Sunday Babies

Cotton Rabbit Students

Little Worker Babies

  Sleep Over Party Friends

Party Dress Series

Bedtime Baby Ornaments

  Petite Bear Christmas Eve Baby


Misty Forest Series

  Fairy of the Forest

Fairy of the Moon

Fairy of the Sea

  Fairy of the Wind & Others

Misty Forest Winged Horse

Misty Forest Babies

  Misty Forest Fairies (small)

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