The First Page

LORE: The King's Flash of Light

by Wendy H. Wilkins

Chapter 1:  Life is Unfair

Jamie was probably the only kid in the history of sixth grade to change her math grade from a B to an F.

            “Guess I have to go to summer school,” Jamie said as she handed the altered report card to her Dad.

            He just laughed.

            A few days later Jamie was flipping through the travel brochures that Karen had dropped on the kitchen table.

            “Just think how educational it would be,” Jamie said. “How could you deny me this opportunity and still call yourself a good Stepmom?”

            “You know we both have to work while we are in China,” Karen replied as she slit open the day’s mail with her perfectly manicured fingernails. “Besides, it would be unfair to take you and leave Beth behind. Your sister is too young to go.”

            “Half-sister,” Jamie muttered.

            Another week passed. Jamie found a website advertising a technology summer camp.

            “No,” Karen said. “I’m counting on you to help take care of your sister.”

            “Maybe next year, Jam,” Dad added, trying to sound sympathetic.

            “I never get anything I want,” Jamie grumbled as she slammed the laptop shut.

No matter how much she pleaded or argued, no matter how good her threats and excuses, no matter how many doors she slammed, her parents could not be swayed. Jamie knew she could have figured out a way to avoid the horrible fate that awaited her—if one annoying brat didn’t stand in her way.

            “You’re going and that’s final,” Karen said when Jamie refused to pack the evening before doomsday. “Your sister would be lonely without you.”

            Jamie glanced at Beth sitting on the living room floor in front of the coffee table, her blonde curls hanging down over a brand new coloring book and mega-sized box of crayons. The five-year-old picked the brightest pink and began filling in a princess’s dress.

Jamie narrowed her eyes.

            “I wish you’d just disappear,” she said.

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