The Humans


Jamie would rather spend the summer hanging out with her friends. Instead, she is stuck at her grandfather’s house with nothing to do.  But when she discovers that Grandpa Warren has a secret, Jamie is determined to uncover the truth . . . no matter what the consequences may be.

Ian King

Ian came to Lore a year ago and was immediately revered for the great “magic” he possessed.  Since then, mistakes and arrogance have made him unpopular.  But before the Lorians can again see the Hero in Ian, he must find it within himself.


Beth is, much to Jamie’s annoyance, everyones little darling.  Though Beth’s doting mother goes on about how grown up and sweet the soon-to-be kindergartener is, Jamie still sees her half-sister as a pest and a crybaby.  

Grandpa Warren 

Grandpa Warren lives alone in an old house in the middle of nowhere.  When his granddaughters come to stay for a month, his strictness and temper get the visit off to a bad start.  Warren believes that following the rules will keep Jamie and Beth safe from harm.


The Daemon Mandorec 

The Daemon Mandorec chose to learn the secrets of dark magic and nearly destroyed Lore.  Decades later, he has resurfaced.  Mandorec swears that he has reformed and now wants to help Lore.  But can the Lorians trust a Daemon?

The Lorians


Fenris is the captain of the elfin guard at the Whitestone castle.  Loyal, brave, chivalrous, and with eyes like moonlight on freshly fallen snow, Fenris is one of the most respected and admired Lorians at the Whitestone.



Miro volunteers to be Jamie’s guide as she embarks on her journey through Lore.  As a cat, his abilities are weak as Lorians go, but Jamie quickly discovers that her friend has far more to offer.



Rohr lives far to the north and few dare to venture into his cavewith good reason.  As a dragon the size of a city block, Rohr could easily make a meal out of any Lorian.  But even the most fearsome beasts have their secrets.

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