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     Jamie, age twelve, wished her five-year-old half-sister Beth would     disappear—until it happens. Fearing punishment from her strict and secretive Grandpa Warren, Jamie follows Beth to Lore, a land of magic and the source of human myth and folklore. When the vengeful Daemon Avarus finds Beth first, Jamie realizes her determination to find her sister is driven by something far deeper than getting out of trouble.

     Before Jamie can locate Beth, Avarus attacks the heart of Lore.  Newly-crowned King Ian, a boy Jamie’s age, flees from the battle, disgracing himself and destroying the delicate peace between Lore’s various inhabits. To save Beth, Jamie must help Ian find his courage and regain the Lorians’ trust—as only a united Lore can defeat Avarus’s army of trolls and open the door for Jamie to reach Beth.

     But when Jamie trades her own life to save her sister, who will save Jamie?

     The 75,000-word middle grade novel LORE: The King’s Flash of Light is an emotional family story wrapped inside an adventure fantasy. During her journey, Jamie realizes her love for her sister, grows to respect her grandfather, and comes to terms with her long-dormant grief over the loss of her mother.

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